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A Term Like No Other

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A Supreme Court term that occurs during a presidential election year compares to no other.  It will be closely monitored to see what issues it decides to address.  Campaign strategists are particularly interested in any rulings that can be leveraged to secure votes in November 2012 against President Obama and other incumbents.

Undoubtedly, the issues facing the Supreme Court this term are controversial, and any adverse rulings will complement the frustration associated with a poor economy.  Political insiders know that campaigns are about messaging and spin.  With issues like “Obamacare,” immigration enforcement, affirmative action at universities, gay marriage, and state’s rights, the U.S. Supreme Court may be giving campaigns political nuggets that will be difficult for some to swallow.

And they’re off…….

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October 3, 2011 at 10:01 am

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